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Current members of SPECTRUM

( Left to right )

Steve Hummel,  Guitar, Vocals


Carroll Foltz, Drums

Ruth Stenger-Japzon, Vocals - Keyboards

Mike Heyser, Keyboards,  Vocals

Hal Brandenburg, Sas, Vocals



          SPECTRUM in 1975                  SPECTRUM in 1978


     SPECTRUM in 1980                        SPECTRUM in 1984



    SPECTRUM in 1985                        SPECTRUM in 1986


 SPECTRUM in 1990                                                 SPECTRUM with Duane Arch,  (Duane at the top with light bulb)

Duane provided SPECTRUM with technical support and lighting for over 7 years.

SPECTRUM - October 2003 to December 2013

Left to Right :


Rob Hovermale, Steve Hummel, Ruth Stenger-Japzon, Carroll Foltz, Hal Brandenburg.  After performing the the band Spectrum for close to 20 years, Rob "retired" to persue his Doctorate degree and is the Principal at the Barbara Ingram School for the Arts.

As you can see there has not been many changes in personnel over the years. In fact, note that Steve and Carroll have been with playing together in the same band for over 35 years.  Stability and professionalism have provided us with the ability to entertain all age groups and remain competitive in the local market.

We always welcome your comments and suggestions!

As you can see from the photo's below, we entertain all age groups. 



Photo's below are from Pen Mar Park - One of the finest park's in the 4 State Area.  Be sure to check our Pen Mar Park "link" for the upcoming Schedule.


                                          Dancers fill the floor for the "Electric Slide"                                      Jim & Faye Powers                               Hal Brandenburg on Sax


    Pen Mar Park patrons LOVE to DANCE !                           Jim Powers acts as a "drum" during our version of "Wipe Out"    


Steve, Rob & Hal enjoy entertaining the crowd     Ruth Stenger-Japzon shares her keyboard & vocal talents       Steve & Rob into the music


       Ruth loves to sing !                                                   Pen Mar Park is for the old & young alike !





Ringing in New Years



Photo's below are from a past New Year's Eve Event


Many thanks to Terry Golladay & Sharon Brown and all the Officers of The Club Cotillion as well as the staff and the Winchester Elk's for making this a memorable event for all !  

The members of SPECTRUM would also like to thank Ben Jones ( Seen in in the green tee shirt above )  for his help with the Equipment Set Up, Lighting & Technical Experience.  Ben also was the photographer for this event.    

Wishing everyone a


Happy and Prosperous New Year

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